Welcome to the FriMat




Posters prizes winners for the FriMat day 2016: Céline Calvino, Alba Finelli, Preston Sutton


 Welcome to our new member: Prof. Andreas Zumbühl from the department of Chemistry.



The Fribourg Center for Nanomaterials, FriMat, hosted by the Fribourg University, is incorporated as an interdisciplinary research institute into the Faculty of Sciences of the University.
In partnership with the Adolphe Merkle Institute and local industries, the new institute FriMat will conduct materials oriented research and development of new advanced functional materials. Such materials are relevant to the sustained economic growth of Switzerland as a knowledge-based economy.
FriMat stands for interdisciplinary cutting edge research and a knowledge pool that offers teams of scientists for problem solutions.
FriMat is represented in the Scientific and Technology Platforms of Fribourg, e. g. the „Réseau Plasturgie“, „Réseau Nanotechnology“, etc.