FriMat day 2015


Congrats to the poster prize winners: 

Mallett B., Yazdi-Rizi M., Marsik P., Wolf T., Böhmer A., Hardy F., Meingast Ch., Munzar D., Gusev A., Pashkevich Y., Bernhard Ch., Physics; Many states to choose from: An infrared and muSR study of the spin- reorientation transition in the superconductor (Ba,K)Fe2As2

Rima S., Lattuada M., AMI; Protein fibril-polymer nanoparticles superhydrophobic surfaces inspired by lotus leaf 

Gajewska B., Bruns N., AMI; ATRP catalyzed by copper trisodium chlorophyllin


Program and abstracts:


Some pictures: